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Jordan: Our relationship is good with Damascus, and we have a big problem in southern Syria

The Director of Jordanian General Intelligence, Major General Ahmed Hosni, stated that Jordan is dealing with the Syrian file as a fait accompli in the context of his comment on the development of Jordanian-Syrian relations.
In an interview with reporters, he also said, “We did not interfere in Syria’s internal affairs, as it is a neighboring country and a border country,” but he indicated, “Let’s be realistic, as we have Syrian refugees, and on the Jordanian-Syrian borders there are groups that must be dealt with in order to preserve the security and stability of the Kingdom, in addition to putting an end to arms smuggling operations.” and drugs.”
“We are dealing with the Syrian file regardless of the interference in it and the international interests there,” he added.
He also added, “Our relationship with Damascus has taken a boost. Jordan has a big problem in southern Syria, in addition to the commercial and economic consequences of Caesar’s Law.”
He continued, “In addition to the water issue, and extremist elements, and based on the fact that all that concerns us and Jordan’s interests, it was necessary to move in this direction, by dealing with the reality before us.”
“In light of all these facts, we affirm that Jordan does not want to be hostile to anyone, but our interest is Jordan first, in terms of easing the water burden, the voluntary return of refugees, the economic dimension, and the security dimension,” he said.
He stressed that the Kingdom has a good relationship with Syria on the security side, and there is coordination to create a safe environment in Lebanon and Syria,” referring to what he described as the “containment of the other” methodology.

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