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Jordan sends a message to Israel regarding Gaza

The Jordanian Prime Minister said that any attempts that would create conditions for the displacement of Palestinians from Gaza or the West Bank constitute a material breach of the peace agreement between Jordan and Israel.
In a statement published by the Jordanian Prime Minister, Al-Khasawneh reiterated Jordan’s rejection of any such attempts, saying that they are considered “a declaration of war against us, as they constitute a material breach of the peace agreement.”
This came during a meeting between the Jordanian Prime Minister and the Qatari Minister of International Cooperation, Lulwa Al Khater.
He had stressed that “the absence of a political solution in Palestine will move us from a spiral of violence to a worse spiral of violence and then to a bigger explosion,” adding that “the absence of a political solution will only lead us to the absurdity of repeating what is happening in Gaza.”
He also added that “what is happening in Gaza is war crimes that establish a gap between generations that will lead to other cycles of violence, if the political horizon is not directly present,” stressing the need to stop the war immediately.
He also added that “the life of a Palestinian child is no less than the life of any other child.” Al-Khasawneh went on to say: “It is as if there is immunity granted to Israel so that it does not abide by and violate the system of international laws.”
Al-Khasawneh also revealed that “the Arab-Islamic Ministerial Committee began its tours of the permanent members of the Security Council to remove the legal immunity from Israel.”
Al-Khasawneh stressed that “Jordan is dealing with what is happening in Gaza as if it were getting access to the Jordanian border, and the army is carrying out its constitutional duty to protect the Jordanian border normally.”
He also stressed that “escalation in the West Bank or harming Islamic and Christian sanctities is a red line.”
He added that the displacement of the people of the West Bank would be considered a material breach of the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty agreement, adding that displacement for Jordan means declaring war on it.
As for the bombing of the vicinity of the Jordanian field hospital in Gaza, Al-Khasawneh confirmed that “the Jordanian Armed Forces are conducting an investigation and we will deal with the matter according to the results of the investigation.” He said that Jordan received notices from Israel to evacuate the hospital and rejected the request.
He also explained that the new Jordanian field hospital in Gaza contains incubators for premature babies.
In addition, he concluded by saying that Jordan is taking steady steps to maintain its economic stability, adding that his country’s alternatives regarding Israeli water and gas are available.

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