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Jordan’s goal of contacts with Syria

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jordan, Ayman Safadi, expressed his country’s motives for opening flights between Amman and Damascus, and the recent contact that Jordan’s King Abdullah made with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Al-Safadi said that what Jordan is trying to do is “to make sure that there is a serious political process that will lead to an end to the crisis in Syria.” his expression.
The Jordanian Foreign Minister indicated that there is a need to “work towards a political solution.”

He continued, “We all agree that there are no military solutions, and the crisis has led to a lot of suffering and destruction, and we cannot continue with the status quo policy.”

He concluded, “This is what Jordan is trying to do, opening the horizon for a political solution.”

It is also mentioned that at the end of last September, expanded Jordanian-Syrian ministerial meetings began to discuss ways to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the fields of trade, transport, electricity, agriculture and water resources.
In October, the Jordanian Royal Court announced that Jordan’s King Abdullah II had discussed by phone with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the bilateral relations between the two countries.

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