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Judith Goodrich recounts the details of a sexual assault she suffered 38 years ago and reveals the identity of the perpetrator

The famous French actress, Judith Godrich (51 years old), accused her compatriot, film director Benoit Jacquot (77 years old), of sexually assaulting her more than 38 years ago when she was 18 years old.
The incident dates back to 1986, when Jacquot touched and kissed her without her consent in an apartment that was designated for working on the movie Betty. She described her feeling of shock and fear at the time and she left the apartment in a state of panic.
According to what Judith revealed to French media, she kept the incident a secret out of fear for her career until she finally decided to speak about it as part of the famous campaign to uncover similar experiences known as MeToo.
Judith said on her Instagram account, where she shared a video of the famous director and commented on it, saying, “While filmmakers in the world struggle at the cost of their lives to produce works that condemn violence, we are funding this type of individual. Our society must wake up. The time has come.”

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