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Juventus is in seventh place after penalties

The Italian Football Federation revealed that ten points have been deducted from Juventus’ balance in the current season, in a new decision by an Italian court investigating player transfer deals.

After losing 4-1 at Empoli, Juventus, the most successful football team in Italy, fell from second to seventh in the Italian First Division, with 59 points. He has two matches left this season.

Juventus is currently moving away from the qualifying positions for the lucrative European competitions next season.

And Juventus said on Twitter that “the authorities have informed him of the court’s decision and he reserves the right to file a new appeal before the highest sporting authority in Italy.”

The authorities also deducted 15 points from Juventus’ balance last January in the case of transferring players, but the highest sports authority in Italy ordered the football authorities to reconsider the case.

In the session that preceded the final verdict, two sources close to the matter said that the Public Prosecutor of Football in Italy had requested a deduction of 11 points from Juventus’ balance.

Juventus, which is owned by a holding company, faces more potential sporting sanctions, including more points deductions. In a separate case, the Italian federation is investigating alleged irregularities in the club’s payments to players as well as dealings with players’ agents and other clubs. Last week, the Italian federation ordered a new sports trial. v Juventus. It is not yet clear whether any possible sanctions that may be applied in the framework of this new sporting trial will affect the current season or next season.

Juventus denies any wrongdoing and has said its calculations are in line with the regulations.

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