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Karis Bashar is about her new experience

Actress Karis Bashar participates in the series Stiletto in a special dramatic experience that reveals its scenes

On the sidelines of filming episodes of the Stiletto series, Karis Bashar stated that she considers this series a special experience for her. It is one of the few dramatic experiences that includes a group of women in their forties who have been friends since childhood and are brought together by different circumstances, and each of them commits a crime that changes the course of her life.
Heda says about the character of Alma that she embodies in the events that she is going through a situation during her adolescence that could have ended her life, but she is a very strong personality that made her overcome this problem.

She also added that Alma is a very tolerant character; Despite what happened to her, she did not think of revenge and hoped that there would be many personalities in life, such as “Alma”; She does not carry evil within her and has a great capacity for forgiveness.
Whereas, Karis revealed that she and the character Alma that she embodies in the events are very similar; Which made it difficult to embody it.
And the series co-starring Dima Qandalaft, Nada Abu Farhat, Rita Harb, Qais Sheikh Najib, Samer Al-Masry, Badi’ Abu Shakra and Carlos Azar, and its events revolve in 90 episodes.

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