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Karis Bashar mourns Bassam Al Mulla

Syrian star Karis Bashar announced her deep sadness over the death of director and producer Bassam Al Mulla, as she recalled that he was one of the first to present her on the screen through the series “Al-Ababid”, while he presented her with an unforgettable role in the series “Layali Al-Salihiya”.

Karis called the late director Bassam Al Mulla through her official account on the social networking site “Twitter” and wrote: “You gave me your trust.. I ventured to be with you with my first experience in Al-Ababid.. You gave me an irreplaceable opportunity during the nights of Salhia.. I was happy with the last project I was supervising. Silk Market.

Karis also added: “Thank you for everything you have done over the years… Thank you for being present in our memory and conscience…. Bassam Al Mulla, for your soul, mercy and peace.”

Karis’ fans responded to this tweet widely, expressing their admiration for her loyalty to those who gave her the opportunity.

The character “Sadia”, presented by the star Karis Bashar in the series “Nights of Salhia” under the management of the late Bassam Al Mulla, achieved a very great success, as Karis presented her in a distinctive way, accompanied by the star Abbas Al-Nouri.

The late director Bassam Al Mulla passed away yesterday morning, Saturday, at the age of 65, and was mourned by a large number of art stars in Syria.

Director Bassam Al Mulla presented, throughout his career, many of the most prominent works, foremost of which are the works of the Levantine Environment, which achieved remarkable success, foremost of which is the famous series “Bab Al Hara” in addition to other works, including “Layali Al-Salihiya”, “Al-Khawali”, “Ayam Shamiya” and others.

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