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Kim Kardashian shows off her Balenciaga bags and raises controversy again

American reality TV star Kim Kardashian appeared in a series of photos and video clips showing off the special collection of bags from Balenciaga, as she was recently announced as the ambassador of the famous fashion brand.
Kardashian appeared in one of the videos counting the number of Balenciaga bags she had in her home closet, numbering 129.
The price of one bag is 3,000 US dollars on average, meaning that Kardashian owns handbags worth about 400,000 dollars.
Some of Kardashian’s followers objected to her participation in the advertising campaign for the “Balenciaga” brand, which had been subjected to severe criticism in 2023 due to accusations leveled against her of child abuse, by publishing pictures of children for her advertising campaign, which a large number of followers considered as “carrying a sexual nature” that exploited children.

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