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Kim Kardashian’s daughter stole the spotlight from her mother

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was subjected to a major attack on social media after she copied the look of her daughter, North West, in which she appeared while performing her role in the play “The Lion King.”
Kim Kardashian published to her followers on her page on the social networking site Instagram new pictures of her from a photo session she underwent, in which she copied the look in which her daughter, North West, recently appeared in yellow, signed by the fashion company ERL, and it appeared to be an exact copy of what her daughter wore in the play while she was embodying the character. “Simba”.
Some Internet pioneers accused Kim of choosing to appear in this appearance after the success her daughter achieved, especially after North’s name topped the newspapers for several days. Many considered that with this step she was trying to steal and exploit her daughter’s success, or at least she shared this success, which a 10-year-old daughter has the right to. Enjoy it alone.
The daughter of reality TV star Kim Kardashian and international singer Kanye West performed her first acting role, playing the character of little Simba, during the thirtieth anniversary ceremony of the movie “The Lion King” on May 24, 2024, and despite her parents’ happiness with her performance; Since then, the girl has been subjected to a harsh bullying campaign on social media.
The eldest child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took the stage at the Hollywood Bowl to perform the song “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” in front of her parents, who attended the ceremony.
North West sang amazingly in front of the audience, and received a warm applause from the audience, and her family was very proud of her.
On the other hand, social media was filled with pictures and videos of the little girl, as a large group of Internet pioneers directed harsh criticism of the girl, most notably that she is a “child of nepotism.” That is, she got this role because she is the daughter of Kim and Kanye, and not because of her performance or special talent.
It seems that the pioneers of social networking sites are right about this; North actually landed a role in “The Lion King” as a result of her family connections.
Sources familiar with the work, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, revealed the truth about North West’s role in the work, and how she was actually able to get the prominent role of the character of little Simba, confirming that her famous family had a real influence on her choice on stage.
The source confirmed that the young star did not have to “compete with anyone else” to get the role, which she obtained as a result of her family’s relationships with the production company that did the work; The company, called Fulwell 73 Productions, is the same company that produces the Kardashian family’s reality TV show.
The source pointed out that North actually has talent even if she did not compete with anyone, and that she really got the role as a result of her family relationships, but in return, those in charge of the work wanted to attract publicity to him through her, and indeed this is what happened.
Another source also indicated that the family planned to include this moment in the next episode of their reality show; This makes the performance successful for all participants.

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