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Kuwait exports the first shipment of oil

The Kuwait National Petroleum Company revealed that it had exported the first shipment of developed diesel fuel to European markets, in light of the severe shortage that European countries suffer from in the energy sector.

The Kuwaiti agency said in a statement: “The export of the first shipment of developed diesel fuel, which was produced with special specifications that meet the requirements of European markets, especially in the winter season.”

She added that “the quantity of the shipment amounted to 66,000 tons, and it was exported in cooperation and coordination with the global marketing sector of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which is the window for the Kuwaiti oil sector to deal with foreign markets.”

The company also indicated that “this type of diesel is compatible with advanced environmental standards and is distinguished by its high quality.”

The energy sector in Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis and a rise in electricity and gas prices, especially after the launch of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine in late February, and the imposition of Western sanctions on Moscow.

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