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Laila Elwi defies the “predatory shark” and says goodbye to the sea

The star, Laila Elwi, gave a practical response to the rumors that confirmed the presence of two fish of the “predatory shark” species on the northern Egyptian coast, and one of the fishermen was attacked that caused the amputation of his hand, and she published a video clip of her while she was swimming in the sea, asking everyone not to circulate these rumors or believable.
Laila posted the video clip through the Al-Astori feature on her Instagram account, and she appeared in it in the middle of the North Coast sea and said: I am on the North Coast, beautiful and like jasmine, and there is no need and I do not want people to be afraid of the sea.

Yesterday, Laila sent a farewell message to the sea with the end of the summer vacation, and posted a video of her enjoying the sunset moments from the northern coast and commented: The sea misses me very much with his love.
It is noteworthy that social networking sites have circulated during the past hours news that a fisherman was attacked by a shark on the northern coast, causing his hand to be amputated. No shark and no shark accidents.

And she continued: “The doctors who examined the injured confirmed that there was no shark bite, although the injured confirmed that he was carrying a knife and the shark was the one who bit him in his hand and was the cause of his injury.”

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