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Latest developments in global health in Libya

The World Health Organization announced the arrival of tons of health supplies to the Libyan city of Benghazi, coming from the organization’s global logistical center in the Emirate of Dubai, which it indicated reflects an intense emergency response to the unprecedented floods in eastern Libya, in the wake of Storm “Daniel.”

The organization noted, in an official statement, that “the aid is sufficient to reach approximately 250,000 people, and includes essential medicines, trauma supplies, emergency surgeries and medical equipment, in addition to body bags for safe and dignified transportation.”

The World Health Organization also announced in its statement that “more than 9,000 people are still missing in Derna, and its teams are working with the Libyan Ministry of Health to track down the dead and missing, and that so far the bodies of 3,958 people have been recovered, their identities identified, and their death certificates issued.” This number is expected to rise as search and rescue teams recover more bodies.”

The statement quoted the representative of the World Health Organization in Libya, Dr. Ahmed Zouiten, as saying:

This is a disaster of epic proportions. We are saddened by the terrible loss of thousands of lives. Our thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones, as well as with all affected communities, and we are committed to providing the necessary support to restore health services to the affected populations in eastern Libya.

The World Health Organization also stated, in its statement, that “the supplies amounting to 130 cubic meters, which arrived today, are the second delivery made by the World Health Organization, after the first batch consisted of 29 metric tons of urgent medical supplies, from emergency stocks in stock.” The organization in Libya.

Yesterday, Friday, the International Organization for Migration in Libya announced that more than 38,640 thousand people were displaced from the most affected areas in northeastern Libya due to Hurricane Daniel.

Hurricane Daniel occurred last week, resulting in the death of more than 5,000 people, and many people are still missing. Both the National Unity Government and the government designated by the Libyan House of Representatives declared three days of mourning, and flags and flags were lowered at half-mast in all public and private entities. Mourning the victims of the floods and torrents that swept through eastern Libya.

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