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Latifa the Tunisian in the lead

Organizing Body for African Music Awards
THE HEADIES, awarded its annual award for the year 2022, for the North African region, to the Tunisian star Latifa, after she presented the mini album “Latifa 2022”, which included 5 diverse and comprehensive songs for a number of different Arabic dialects during the last period, and through Nawaem we reveal what Latifa said about Her last award.

Latifa outperformed a number of stars from the Arab world, and published the publication of her award, on her official page on the Instagram photo and video site.
Latifa expressed her happiness with the award in her own statements, stressing that God Almighty crowned her efforts with success not only with the award, but with the reactions of her audience throughout the Arab world, noting that she made a great effort in choosing the album’s songs to suit her audience in all Arab countries, explaining that Diversity in addressing the Arab public in all its dialects is important for every artist who seeks continuity and building an audience in all Arab countries.

It is worth noting that Latifa’s new album 2022, the number of viewers exceeded 50 million views in less than a month on YouTube.
Latifa had also launched a hashtag for her latest lyrical work, “We will live it once”, on her Instagram and Tiktok page. She invited her fans to shoot a special video for the song, to meet them in each country she visits, and to sing the song together in a special video that she publishes on her pages on social media.

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