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Launch of the Arab Summit.. Tunisia’s President begins with opening speech

The work of the Arab Summit was launched in Algeria at the leaders’ level. Tunisian President Kais Said opened the meeting with a speech in which he delivered the presidency of the Summit from Tunisia to Algeria.
The Tunisian President said: “The slogan of the Summit (reunion) fails our sense of the need to overcome the reasons that have led to our current situation.”
The coronavirus pandemic, Russia’s war on Ukraine and climate change are all crises that have confounded the Arab nation.
He regretted that some Arab capitals no longer mentioned in news bulletins except with aerial bulletins or the death toll.
Saeed said that Arabs could go beyond divisive causes and move towards a better future for our Arab nation and indeed for the world.
“We need new concepts and ways not only for our region but for humanity as a whole.”
Saeed called on the leaders present at the summit to develop a new vision that reflected awareness of the need to unite and reject divisions.

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