Learn about foods and drinks that get rid of fat

Many try to get rid of obesity and burn fat by resorting to taking medicines that, even if they are natural materials, have chemicals in their composition, which may cause other problems in the body, and to avoid falling into this matter and within the framework of providing natural alternatives to facilitate the process of burning fat, Healthline cited a set of tips to burn fats accumulated in the body without the need for drug treatment .

Where the site advised to consume the following drinks and foods to burn fat naturally:

Green tea: which helps, through the compound epigallocatechin gallate found in green tea, to lose weight and burn fats accumulated in the body, specifically the fats concentrated in the abdominal area .

Apple cider vinegar: The acetic acid in it helps in raising the rate of burning of fats in the body and prevents it from accumulating around the abdominal area, and apple cider vinegar helps reduce the appetite for eating 

Chili: Researchers have found that chili is a vegetable that helps in losing weight, because it contains the compound capsaicin, which is known for its ability to burn fat and curb appetite …

Coffee: Coffee contributes to burning fat, because it contains caffeine, which has shown great effectiveness in reducing the body mass index of participants in a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine…

Coconut oil: It helps with weight loss, because it contains a high percentage of “medium chain triglycerides”, which are credited with suppressing appetite, accelerating fat burning and enhancing metabolism .

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