Learn about the relationship of grapes to back pain

Grapes are considered one of the fruits commonly used in all countries of the world, and it is known that they are beneficial to health, but a new scientific study revealed an amazing benefit of grapes, confirming that it protects against back pain ..

The study indicated that grapes are rich in the anti-inflammatory known as “resveratrol”, which scientists discovered that combats the feeling of pain ..

This anti-inflammatory is most often concentrated in the peels and seeds of grapes, as well as berries, and it works to slow down the process of degeneration of the vertebrae of the patient’s spine ..

Dr. Michael Levin, who works at the Cherokare Foundation, confirmed that grapes contain an antioxidant-like compound that relieves back pain, indicating that it prevents certain enzymes from contributing to tissue degradation, especially in the back area ..

The study stated that the feeling of back pain may be the result of taking a wrong position during sleep, or as a result of exposure to a minor injury, and advised not to be concerned about back pain, indicating that this disease will improve automatically within weeks or months.

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