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Learn how to treat difficulty swallowing

You must pay attention to the position of the body when eating: it is recommended to sit upright at an angle of 90 degrees, tilt the head slightly forward, and stay for 15-20 minutes in a sitting or standing position after eating a meal.

Providing the appropriate environment for eating: It is recommended to try to reduce distracting factors in the area where food is eaten, and it is also advised to keep the focus on eating and drinking tasks only without distraction, and not to speak when food is in the mouth.

Also, reducing the amount and speed of eating food: as it is necessary to eat food slowly, and it is advised to cut the food into small pieces and then digest it well, as the food must be chewed in the mouth until it becomes liquid before swallowing, in addition to the necessity not to Try to eat more than half a spoonful of food at one time.

We would have needed the patient to swallow each mouthful or sip of food two or three times; Since in the event that food is stuck in the throat, it must be coughed lightly or cleared the throat, and then swallowed again before breathing, and it should be noted the importance of focusing on swallowing repeatedly and intermittently.

Drinking enough fluids, and biting on popsicles, ice chips, or lemonade periodically, to increase the secretion and production of saliva, which in turn leads to facilitating the swallowing process.

Finally, it is advised to reduce foods that are hard to chew, and to eat softer foods. It is also recommended to mash food in a blender. If liquid foods cause coughing, it can be thickened with a liquid thickener. It is also possible to eat thick liquids instead of thin liquids.

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