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Lebanese Foreign Minister from Brussels: Time to address Syrian displacement crisis

The Lebanese Foreign Minister considered that Europe will not be immune from the consequences of the chaos stemming from the Syrian displacement crisis if cooperation with Lebanon is not achieved, as he put it.
Speaking at the Brussels Conference of Countries Hosting Syrian Refugees, Abdellah Bouhabib said: “We came today to propose sustainable solutions that secure the large-scale return of displaced Syrians to their country with dignity and safety, and the resettlement of those who cannot return for political reasons in a third country.”
He stressed that Lebanon has reached the “point of no return” due to the increase in accidents, unrest and thefts caused by the Syrian presence, saying: “We have reached the point of no return due to the increase in accidents, unrest, thefts, crimes, organized crime gangs and most of their tools are displaced Syrians.”
He added: “Our country has become a large prison whose walls have cracked and it can no longer bear this amount of displacement for a long time.”

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