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Lebanese Hezbollah launches two marches from Lebanon

The Lebanese Hezbollah launched two Lebanese security marches, as part of the confrontations that have erupted with Hezbollah since last October 8.
The Israeli army said in a statement: “The air defenses successfully intercepted a suspicious air target in the Metula area that was launched from Lebanon.”
“Another warning was activated, and an interception missile was launched towards a suspicious air target launched from Lebanon. There were no casualties in all the incidents,” according to the statement.
For its part, Hezbollah announced in a statement on Wednesday that its members targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers in the vicinity of the Birkat Risha site (off the Lebanese town of Marwahin) with missile weapons.
Its members also spotted “a group of Israeli soldiers at the Al-Malikiyah site (northern Israel) as they entered it, and targeted them with artillery shells, wounding them directly,” according to a second statement.
Palestinian and Lebanese factions in Lebanon, including Hezbollah, exchange intermittent daily bombardment with the Israeli army across the dividing “Blue Line,” resulting in hundreds killed and wounded, most of them on the Lebanese side.
Forest fires ignited by Hezbollah missiles and drones also engulfed Israeli army positions, sparking Israeli threats of a possible major escalation.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that his country is ready to launch a “very strong” military operation in the north (Lebanon).
Israeli Army Radio reported that the government decided to allow the call-up of 50,000 additional reserve soldiers, in preparation for the escalation on the Lebanon front.

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