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Lebanese Resistance Launches Complex Attack on Israeli Convoy and Kills Member

Israeli media confirmed that the army managed to retrieve the body of a member killed in a compound attack launched by Hezbollah at dawn today on the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms.
Israel Today reported that the Israeli army was able to retrieve the body of the dead member in Har Dov after a complex operation that lasted for hours under fire.
Earlier in the day, the Israeli army announced that an Israeli was killed by anti-tank missiles fired by Hezbollah at Mount Dov.
Hezbollah announced at dawn today the preparation of a compound ambush of guided missiles, artillery and rocket weapons for a mechanized convoy near the site of Ruweisat Al-Alam in the hills of Kafr Shuba occupied Lebanon, where the convoy was targeted with guided weapons, artillery and rockets, which led to the destruction of two vehicles, and the withdrawal of the force.

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