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Lebanon achieved a historic victory for a country and a party

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Lebanese “Hezbollah”, Naim Qassem, revealed that Lebanon has achieved a very big victory in the negotiations to demarcate the maritime borders with Israel.

Where, in his statements, Naim explained that the great victory that was achieved in our sea, water and gas, we record to President (General Michel) the cooperation of the army, the people, the resistance and popular solidarity on this exceptional achievement.

Naim also stressed that this victory is “unparalleled in the history of conflicts: it is that a weak state compared to the enemy and with it its rational resistance with a solidarity people, can register victory over Israel and America, and take rights.”

He also added: “We have before us an experiment with the strategy between the resistance and the state to obtain rights. They presented us with a better strategy, for the resistance has become an integral part of Lebanon’s life and Lebanon’s present and future.”

In televised statements, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah considered that Lebanon had obtained everything it wanted in the battle to demarcate the southern maritime borders, and described the result of the indirect maritime negotiations as “an important result and a historic and great victory.”

Last Thursday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid formally signed documents indicating the two countries’ approval of the maritime border demarcation agreement between them, in a move that was welcomed and praised locally and internationally.

The agreement revolves mainly around granting Lebanon the “Qana” field, provided that the French company “Total”, the owner of the exploration concession, pays part of the proceeds to Israel according to an agreement between them, in exchange for Israel granting the entire “Karish” field.

  1. The Israeli Defense Minister also said that the agreement with Lebanon will contribute to the security of his country, expressing his hope that the agreement will be an opportunity for more positive developments in the region.
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