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Lebanon receives a German donation specifically for assistance in times of war and emergencies

Earlier today, a special donation from the German government to its Lebanese counterpart was delivered through the World Health Organization. The donation consists of medical supplies specifically for treating war casualties, aimed at supporting Lebanon’s health emergency plan. This plan was announced by the Lebanese Ministry of Health as part of efforts to enhance preparedness due to the current tensions and military escalation in the region.

The Caretaker Minister of Health, Firas Al-Abiad, inspected the aid at the central drug warehouse in the Karantina area, accompanied by the German Ambassador to Beirut, Kurt Stelzer, and the representative of the World Health Organization in Lebanon, Abdul Nasser Abu Bakr. The aid will be distributed to ten designated hospitals by the ministry as part of the emergency plan.

The World Health Organization, through its representatives, affirmed Lebanon’s commitment to supporting the country, which has faced “multiple crises” in recent years. They also expressed their commitment to implementing an emergency response plan. The German Ambassador welcomed his country’s participation in supporting the Lebanese health sector through the World Health Organization, providing services to the most vulnerable groups, and applying the principle of health for all, especially during crises.

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