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Lebanon refused to cooperate with Europe on Syria

The Lebanese Foreign Minister in the caretaker government, Abdullah Bou Habib, revealed that Beirut will not cooperate with the Europeans regarding keeping Syrian refugees in his country.

This came in a press statement after his meeting with the President of the country, Michel Aoun, at the Presidential Palace, to inform him of the results of the meetings he held in the United States regarding the situation in Lebanon and the region, according to the Lebanese presidency.

Bou Habib also said, “In the absence of a European road map for the end of the Syrian displacement in Lebanon, we will not accept to cooperate with the Europeans in keeping the displaced.”

He also added: “International organizations that pay aid money) to the displaced Syrians should stop paying them in Lebanon, but rather in their country after they return to it, and we are in complete agreement in Lebanon that the displacement should not continue.

The head of the “Al-Nahj” movement, former MP, Hassan Yaqoub, confirmed that “finally, the foreign minister in the caretaker government, Abdullah Bu Habib, asked to stop the international money for the displaced Syrians and to pay them in their country.”

Yacoub told Bou Habib, “For four years, we have been saying that the survival of the displaced is because they receive dollars to keep them, and Lebanon has incurred more than 40 billion dollars and damaged infrastructure.”

Yacoub said, “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has benefited politically and financially, so where are the sovereigns? We in Lebanon are losing and being blackmailed?”

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