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Lebanon…Sentences to death and life imprisonment for Syrians

A military court in Lebanon revealed death sentences and life imprisonment with hard labor for five Syrians involved in the murders and attempted murders of soldiers in the Lebanese army.
The court’s decision also stated that “on Lebanese soil, and on a date that has not passed by time, all of: Al-Khidr Khaled Satouf, Adnan Muhammad Al-Zari’i, Ziyad Muhammad Satouf, Muhammad Khalid Satouf and Obeida Muhammad Satouf have joined the terrorist organization Jabhat Al-Nusra, which is armed with war weapons.” Unlicensed and fighting against the Syrian Arab Army in Syria and against the Lebanese Army in the 2014 Battle of Arsal, and for deliberately killing Lebanese Army soldiers and for trying to kill them premeditatedly while doing their job, for kidnapping Lebanese Army soldiers, for stealing war weapons and princely materiel from army posts, and for vandalizing public property and private.”
The rulings imposed a life sentence of hard labor against Al-Khader Khaled Satouf and stripped him of his civil rights, and imposed the death penalty on Ziyad Muhammad Satouf, Muhammad Khalid Satouf, Obaidah Muhammad Satouf and Adnan Muhammad al-Zari’i.

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