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Lebanon: There are no serious indications of the outbreak of war

The Lebanese caretaker foreign minister, Abdullah Bou Habib, announced that “there are no serious indications of a war with Israel,” expressing optimism that the demarcation agreement between the two countries could be accomplished.

Bou Habib said, in his statements, that there are no serious indications on the part of Israel and Hezbollah of a war, despite the mutual threats between the two parties, and this fact is based on accurate information from relevant circles.

He also confirmed that the American mediator, Amos Hochstein, “will hear a unified Lebanese response regarding the agreed maritime area,” expressing his optimism that an agreement could be reached in the negotiations between Lebanon and Israel.

Caretaker Foreign Minister Abdullah Bu Habib reassured the Lebanese that they should not be concerned about the outbreak of war, stressing that Lebanon wants an agreement, as well as the United States, and the Americans and internationals convey from the Israeli side their desire to complete the agreement.

Last Sunday evening, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, threatened Lebanon, hinting at the possibility of a war between the two countries. Kohavi threatened, at the front’s national conference, with a massive and devastating bombardment if war broke out with Lebanon,” noting that his country “would give advance warning to the residents of the Lebanese borders to leave before the outbreak of war.” No war.”

He also stressed that “the coming tension with Lebanon will witness unprecedented bombing,” explaining that “the Israeli army deals with six battlefronts in six dimensions and in the face of a large number of diverse threats.”

Kochavi added, “The most dangerous of these is a possible nuclear threat in the third circle and the threat of missiles and missiles from all fronts and dimensions that the enemy has developed.”

And the commander of the Israeli Home Front, General Uri Gordin, said earlier that the next war with the Lebanese “Hezbollah” will witness the firing of thousands of shells and missiles at Israel on a daily basis.

And the Hebrew website Walla quoted the commander of the Israeli home front as predicting that in any future war with Lebanon, the latter would launch tens of thousands of missiles and rockets every day on internal Israeli cities, and along their length.

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