Monthly Horoscope


Professionally: Your task this month is to solve problems and work on obstructing and postponed issues. Do not run away from your mistakes, but rather face them in order to find acceptable solutions. It is time to honestly evaluate your current situation to improve your affairs. With the sun in Virgo until the date of the 22nd and during this period of time you have to follow up on some important papers or documents and to make some concessions, which requires you to arm yourself with patience and pay attention to your safety and stay away from the charged atmosphere. It is very recommended at this time to take advice, advice and consultations.

Emotionally: The planet of love is your main planet. It moves in your horoscope until the date of the 10th, carrying with it all the romance and happy times, practicing unparalleled magic that many fall in love with, or pursue you. The romantic atmosphere continues with Venus moving to the second house to Scorpio, which means if you are alone, you may She receives many offers thanks to an attractive personality who leaves a huge impact wherever she goes.

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