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Loans from “Google” !!

The company “Google” announced that it will stop supporting its “Google Fi” service, which provides phone calls, short text messages, and mobile broadband using cellular networks and “Wi-Fi” networks, in some phones ..

Google said that it will stop supporting this service on devices that do not operate with “Volt-VoLTE” technology, or known as “voice over fourth generation networks”, as of next January, but at the same time it announced a loan of $ 100 To help customers upgrade their smartphones from the “Fi” store, as well as activate it before December.

Confirming that subscribers who have devices active on “Fi” until December 3, but are not compatible with “Volt” are eligible for this promotional offer from “Google” ..

Indeed, the US telecom company, T-Mobile, announced its own plans to phase out support for phones that do not operate with “Volt” technology, starting January 2021.

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