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Machinery with the first appearance in the 2022 World Cup

The German team appears to appear in the World Cup with great ambitions and dreams, where his adventure begins with an opposition in the fifth group, Wednesday. Where Germany (Champion 2014) and Japan, compete with Costa Rica and Spain (Champion 2010), in a group that is expected to provide a parameters for the public, where the German public received the 2018 World Cup in Russia when he came out “Manshavt” from the first round in a blatant surprise after income with the confidence of the title pregnant. Germany has lost its opening match in the former World Cup with a clean goal against Mexico, and then won Sweden in the second round, and she needs to win South Korea to qualify for the final round lost. The German team has bad memories with the Asian teams, his eligible forefront in the World Cup, to return to the World Cup against one of the foundations, which are very similar to the South Korean team that overthrew the machines From the last version. Germany is well aware that Japan is depriving them from harvesting the three points to mobilize the possibility of repeating the past championship, because the following confrontation is in front of Spain in an early final. Sani is missing Germany in his first match with Qatar’s World Cup because of “knee problems”. The European record in the number of times the World Cup (4 titles) is still registered in the name of Germany and Italy, but Brazil in the leadership is 5 tournaments, which means that the machines can equate the Brazil number in the current World Cup if they succeed in returning to their level The absence of Italy remains. On the other hand, the Japanese team knows how to exceed the beginning pressure in the World Cup, he won the opening match twice at its last 3 posts. In 2010, Japan beat Cameroon in the first round, and in 2018 defeated Colombia, and hopes for the 2022 championship on a new date on the German giant. The biggest achievement in the history of the Japanese team was qualified for the sixteenth round of the tournament, which is repeated in the last World Cup after crossing to the final, but their trip in Russia has ended a harsh loss from Belgium 2-3. There will be several important matches of Morocco with Croatia and Germany with Japan Spain with Costa Rica and Belgium with Canada

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