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Macron’s call for early elections is an unfathomable decision

Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly and the organization of new legislative elections, after the historic victory of the French far right in the European elections by a large margin over the presidential majority camp. The mayor of Paris said that French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for early elections so close to the Olympics is an unfathomable decision.
After the significant gains made by the right in the European Parliament, the French Finance Minister warned of the repercussions of the rise of the right and spoke of the dangers of the early elections called for by President Emmanuel Macron.
By obtaining 31.5 to 32% of the votes, according to the Ipsos and Ifop institutes, the right-wing National Rally party, led by Gordan Bardella, dealt a strong blow to Macron’s camp in the European elections, achieving its best result in a national election, and will contribute decisively to the rise of the strength of the nationalist camp. And the sovereign in the European Parliament.
The far-right National Rally party in France announced that it would nominate its leader, Jordan Bardella, for the position of prime minister.
Party Vice President Sebastian Chonot said that Bardella received popular blessings after the European elections, and therefore he will be the candidate for prime minister.
The European elections also witnessed the rise of the far-right movement in a number of countries, causing a political earthquake in France, but without disturbing the political balance in Brussels.
Initial data confirmed significant gains by the nationalist right-wing parties, and a bitter setback for the leaders of the two main powers in the European Union, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Macron.

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