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Major Military Events of 2021

The most prominent security and military events that occurred in the year 2021, both Arab and international, were the most important security agreements that were concluded as well as those that were canceled in 2021.
The seminar will also discuss topics: international cooperation in the field of military training between countries, military forums and exhibitions throughout the year, the most important modern weapons and defense systems that have appeared on the global and Russian arenas.
It has been a year full of military events and security developments, decisions and decision-making, withdrawals and invasions, attacks and repelling them, reinforcements here and there, threats and threats. Agreements and events have changed the balance of power in the world, but military technology has remained the master of the situation. When the fifth generations of weapons speak, the diplomats are silent and silent.
The year 2021 witnessed many events on the Arab arena. On this subject, the expert in security and defense affairs, Brigadier General Zia Al-Wakeel, said:

“The situation in Palestine is turbulent and could explode at any moment, as a result of the practices of the Israeli occupation authorities, which continue to violate rights and use violence and murder against the Palestinians. As for the war in Yemen, it is a tragic civil war with a regional dimension and is getting more complicated and brutal every day. From a military point of view, no party can At the present time, the conflict has been resolved in his favour. As for the Iraqi situation, we are facing a very dangerous and defining stage, and the political forces have lost their way to the future.

Regarding events at the global level, including the escalation by NATO against Russia and the military reinforcements on Russia’s borders, Dr. Ahmed Sayed Ahmed, an expert in international and American relations at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, told Military Affairs:
“The year 2021 witnessed a rise in the level of tension between NATO and Russia against the background of many issues, especially the Ukrainian issue, and this tension stems from the fact that NATO is still thinking with a post-Cold War mentality, ignoring the fact that Russia will not remain silent and will not stand idly by in front of a direct presence NATO forces on their borders threaten their national security.

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