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Manchester United loses to a draw against Galatasaray and increases its chances of qualifying

The English club Manchester United fell into the trap of a draw set up by the Turkish club Galatasaray on its home field in a heavy-caliber match in which United’s 3-1 win turned into a 3-3 draw in a match whose international hero was Moroccan Galatasaray star Hakim Ziyech.

United took the lead at the beginning of the match with goals from Grenache (11th minute) and Bruno Fernandes (18th minute), before Ziyech added a goal to reduce the difference (29th minute) during the course of the first half.

In the second half, Scott McTominay added the third goal for the visitors (55′), before Ziyech responded with a very beautiful goal (62′), followed by Karimoglu with the equalizing goal for the hosts (66′).

With this result, United finished the fifth round at the bottom of the first group with 4 points, and their chances of qualifying became very slim, while Galatasaray and Copenhagen clubs are fighting for the second place in the group and the qualifying position for the European League.

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