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Marriage raises blood pressure

A large number of people have taken the sarcastic saying that marriage can raise blood pressure levels, but it seems that this is closer to the truth.
A new study revealed a surprise, indicating that married couples are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.
Researchers conducted an analysis of blood pressure measurements in 1,086 English couples, along with 3,989 American couples, 6,514 Chinese couples, and 22,389 Indian couples. The subjects were registered as having high blood pressure.
The researchers found that about 47% of couples in England, with an average age of 74.2 for males and 72.5 for females, suffer from high blood pressure, which is a higher percentage than 38% in the United States, 21% in China, and 20% in India, according to what was reported by the newspaper. British Daily Mail.
Compared to women married to husbands who did not suffer from high blood pressure, women married to men suffering from high blood pressure were 9% more likely to develop high blood pressure.
Similar associations were observed among husbands with their wives and high blood pressure, according to findings published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.
Experts also said the findings highlight the potential benefits of using couple-based approaches to diagnosing and managing high blood pressure, such as marital screening, skills training, or joint participation in programs, rather than treating people individually.
For her part, Bethany Baron Gibbs, an assistant professor at the West Virginia University School of Public Health, said: “If your husband suffers from high blood pressure, he is likely to develop high blood pressure as well.”
She continued, “Making lifestyle changes, such as increasing activity, reducing stress or eating a healthy diet, can all lower blood pressure. However, these changes can be difficult to achieve and, more importantly, maintain if you do not.” “Husband is making changes with you.”

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