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Martyr’s Day

The facts were bombarded with the mines of absurd death when they involved the homeland with fragmentation and the darkness of fear prevailed… Where masculinity became an entitlement that only the free can attain..
In a time of interests, it was necessary to hold freedom behind the bars of deliberately fabricated detention, so that intimidation stutters the will…
The tails of the mandate, which we still see to this day, were wandering everywhere to abort any purposeful attempt to gather the diaspora of a homeland divided by colonialism with the weapons of sects, differences and borders… And because freedom is far from extremism, Anton Saadeh formed the principles of a creed built on the foundations of a civilization, one homeland that does not recognize difference. And he does not believe in borders, borders that have been scattered as explosive weapons on the body of one earth.

Antoun Saadeh was a patriot, while patriotism was a felony punishable by exile, imprisonment, and prosecution under the Mandate Law.
On November 16, 1932, Antoun Saadeh established the Syrian Social Nationalist Party under the name (The Syrian People’s Party). Its members were students from the American University and from this university community, his call spread to the neighboring regions during a period not exceeding three years. Then the ashes path began in front of him, but the difficulties increased from His determination and persistence.

After years of arrest and exile, the leader returned to Lebanon after the evacuation of the French in 1947, bearing the hope of true independence.
But the Lebanese government prevented any partisan activity calling for the renaissance of the country, and the government even practiced all kinds of intimidation and torture to close the outlets for freedom, which prompted the leader to resort to Damascus, where Husni al-Zaim received him and promised to protect him, but as soon as Anton announced the happiness of the revolution against the Lebanese government, Husni al-Zaim reneged on his promise Antoun Saadeh and a number of revolutionaries handed over to the Lebanese government, which was frightened by the will of a man who deserved leadership in thought and action. Therefore, it decided to assassinate him by a martial law a few hours after his handover, as the Lebanese government executed the death sentence at the dawn of July 8, 1949.

May this day become a feast of martyrdom for all the free people over the past years, and this history will remain immortal for an everlasting nation and an eternal leader who offered his life as an offering of freedom as his ideas were established to remain a shining beacon in the age of darkness.

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