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Massive protests in Kazakhstan and the Declaration of Emergency

The authorities in Kazakhstan declared a state of public emergency against the backdrop of popular protests that swept the country, starting from cities in the West after they raised fuel prices to extend to other cities, particularly to the country’s largest city, Alma Ata, and Kazakhstan’s first capital.
The city of Alma Ata is witnessing clashes between demonstrators and security forces, where sound bombs are heard, and media said the demonstrators were able to control the city’s national security building.
The guard was tightened at the republican palace in the northern capital, Nur Sultan.
Against the backdrop of the protests, Kazakh President Kasim Zumart Tokayev announced the government’s dismissal, accusing it of causing the protests.
For its part, the White House has called Russian charges against Washington to stand behind protests in Kazakhstan “insane and untrue,” calling on Kazakh authorities to exercise restraint and allow protesters to protest peacefully.

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