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Maya Diab Block Kardashian

In her latest appearance, the star, Maba Diab, made a bold appearance, in which she relied on one of the looks of the American reality TV star Kim Kardashian recently.

Maya Diab published her new look through several photos on her personal account on “Instagram”, and commented: “I should not keep my beautiful pictures in my library for a long time.”

While many of the Lebanese artist’s audience expressed their admiration for this bold look, some criticized her imitation of the American star.

Maya Diab had released a few days ago her latest song, the clip “Emi Ya Emmy”, in which she addressed the problems of premature birth.

Maya Diab explained about the song: “One of the most difficult moments for a mother is the moment when she knows that inside her is a child who will be created before his time with all the problems of premature birth.” And she continued, “My mother, my mother, is a song that she presents to every mother who suffers with a child who was created before his natural time with problems that she does not get rid of.”

It is worth noting that the Lebanese star Maya Diab had previously revealed her desire to have children and remarry, during statements she made last January.

She also continued, “I am in the stage of egg freezing, not because I do not want to have a son… I now want to have a son naturally, but if after years I want to have a stock and reassurance.”

The Lebanese artist added: “I encourage people to freeze eggs, especially since today women are working, productive and have financial income, and this thing makes men fear and fear them more and more, so the six can choose to marry early.”

She continued: “I am not with early marriage, and with very conscious marriage. When a girl decides with all of her will, she gets married and establishes a home, (family) and children, and of course I want to marry again.”

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