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Mbappe gets a legal paper to punish Paris Saint-Germain

Kylian Mbappé received a strong card to threaten his club, Paris Saint-Germain, with punishment, in light of the multiple crises marring the relationship between the two parties as the player’s departure from the French club approaches.
Mbappe had previously announced his departure from Paris, at the end of the current season, without revealing his next destination, in light of his commitment to joining Real Madrid, according to many press reports, and as his mother and his agent, Fayza Al-Amari, hinted to him.
The French newspaper “L’Equipe” revealed earlier that the Paris Saint-Germain administration has not yet paid Mbappe’s salary for last April, nor the bonus allocated to him in February.
The total amount of these rewards ranges between 60 and 70 million euros, according to a source close to the club.
The Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” also indicated that Saint-Germain is threatened with a penalty being issued against him by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), if he insists on not paying the French star’s dues, especially since these clauses are present in his contract, which expires next June.
Article 12 bis of the FIFA regulations regarding player transfers states that “clubs are bound by the financial obligations contracted with players and other clubs, in accordance with the terms stipulated in the contracts signed with professional players and in transfer agreements, and if they are late in making their payments for more than 30 days, they may be punished.” “.
The Spanish newspaper pointed out that FIFA regulations give Mbappe the right to file a complaint with his club if the French club does not pay its dues within the legal period.

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