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Mbappe’s confessions: I announced my desire to leave

French striker Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain admitted that he had already asked to leave his French team during the last summer transfers.
And through an interview that the French young man gave to “Radio Monte Carlo”, from which some excerpts were broadcast, in preparation for its full presentation on Tuesday evening.
The 22-year-old revealed during his talk about the fact that he asked to leave his club, presenting a paper explaining his desire to move to Real Madrid earlier than initially rumored.
Mbappe said: “I asked to leave because from the moment I decided not to renew the contract, I wanted the club to benefit from my transfer amount to get a quality replacement.”
He added: “This club has given me a lot and I have always been happy in the four years I have been here, and I am still happy now. I announced my decision to the club early so that the club can act.”
The World Cup winner with the French national team explained: “I wanted everyone to come out of this situation and that we all cooperate to conclude a good agreement. I respected their desire to stay with me as well, and I said if you do not want me to leave, I will stay.”
Mbappe also talked during the interview about his relationship with the Brazilian Leonardo, the sporting director of the Parisian club, after several reports indicated that it was tense against the background of the contract renewal negotiations: “There are rumors that I rejected 6 or 7 offers to extend the contract, and that I do not want to talk to Leonardo (sports director). ) This is not true.
He continued, “They told me that I would speak with the president of the club, and I cannot judge whether it was because Leonardo could not come to a solution with me. For me and for my position I was clear, I said I wanted to leave and said it early enough.”
Mbappe said at the end of his speech: “Personally, I did not appreciate the fact that I wanted to leave in the last week of August. I am not a thief. I spoke in July and said I wanted to leave.”
Mbappe’s contract expires at the end of the current season, which means that if he insists on leaving and not renewing, he can sign Real Madrid for free in January and move to him in the summer.

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