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Medicinal benefits of sagebrush

Respiratory diseases are treated; Such as coughing, colds, asthma, lung problems, throat infections, and allergies.

Cures mouth ulcers and bleeding gums; It contains disinfectants and astringents.

Fights digestive problems, and excess stomach secretions.

Reduce sweating.

Get rid of fatigue and exhaustion.

Beneficial in diarrhea.

Treats abdominal pain and colic.

Pain relieves the menstrual cycle in females.

Relieves hot flashes experienced by women in menopause.

Stimulates blood circulation in the body.

Reduces blood sugar.

Enhance the role of the nervous system.

Strengthens memory and combats forgetfulness.

expels gases; It contains thujone.

Get rid of various muscle spasms

Sage can be prepared by bringing a cup of boiling water, adding one tablespoon of sage to it, leaving it for fifteen minutes and covering it, and then drinking it, and some drops of lemon can be added to it, and sage is eaten three times a day before the main meals; For best results

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