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Meet the new Miss Universe

Miss USA R Bonnie Gabrielle was crowned the new Miss Universe after America’s absence from winning the title since 2012.

R”Bonney Gabriel was chosen as the winner of the 71st Miss Universe contest last night, Saturday, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, came in second place, followed by Miss Dominican Republic, Andrina Martinez.

R Bonnie Gabrielle is the first Miss USA to win the Miss Universe title in 10 years. The last Miss USA to win the title was Olivia Culpo in 2012.

“I’m 28 years old, and that’s the oldest age to compete,” R Pony said during the first five-question round. “And I think that’s a beautiful thing,” she added.

The winning Miss Universe contestant completed: “My favorite quote is, ‘If not now, then when? Because as a woman, I believe age does not represent us. It’s not tomorrow. not yesterday. But it is now. Now is the time to go after what you want.”

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