Messi is enjoying a tour in Saudi Arabia

The Argentine soccer player and tourism ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Lionel Messi, is enjoying a tour around the Kingdom, accompanied by his wife and children.

The Saudi Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Al-Khatib, welcomed Messi and his family to the Kingdom, during his second visit, during which he is enjoying a tourist tour throughout Saudi Arabia, and said via Twitter: “I welcome the Saudi Tourism Ambassador, Lionel Messi, and his family, on his second tourist trip to Saudi Arabia.”

Ahmed Al-Khatib also published a set of different pictures of Messi enjoying his time with his children and wife in various recreational ways in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Where Messi was seen with his children playing some fun games and enjoying watching desert animals inside their cages.

Ahmed Al-Khatib wrote on his Twitter account, welcoming Messi: “I am happy that Messi and his family are visiting Saudi Arabia to enjoy our various tourist destinations, and to explore authentic experiences that reflect the warmth and generosity of our people, and we welcome visitors from different countries of the world to enjoy a unique trip to the Kingdom.”

Lionel Messi had expressed his admiration for Saudi Arabia through a message through his Instagram account, in which he shared a picture of a beautiful landscape of a palm grove, and ended his post with a message of encouragement for tourism in the Kingdom, saying: “Visit Saudi Arabia.”

Commenting on the post, in both English and Spanish, he wrote: “Who would have thought that Saudi Arabia has so many green spaces? I look forward to exploring its exciting wonders whenever the opportunity allows me to do so.”

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had chosen Lionel Messi during the past year 2022, to make him an ambassador for tourism in Saudi Arabia.

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