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Messi’s statement after the crisis of facing Brazil and Argentina

The anger was clearly directed at Lionel Messi, the captain of Argentina, due to the events that took place during the confrontation between Brazil and Argentina in the eighth round of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
The match was also stopped seven minutes after the start due to the Brazilian Ministry of Health officials entering the field, to demand the exit of 4 Argentine players who arrived from England, against the background of violating the quarantine related to the Corona pandemic.
During the quarrel that took place on the field, Messi was clearly angry, and the stadium microphones picked up what he said, and the Argentine media reported it.
Messi said: “We’ve been here for three days, they waited for the match to start, why didn’t they tell us before, why they didn’t go to the hotel, they just warned and that’s it, the world is looking at us.”
The Brazilian health protocol prohibits any player coming from or passing through countries such as the United Kingdom, South Africa, Northern Ireland and India during the last 14 days from participating in any activity and forcing them to remain in quarantine.
A statement issued by the Brazilian Health stated that despite the arrival of the Argentine national team plane from Venezuela, there are 4 players of them who came from those countries (it is prohibited to come from them) and were there in the last period, and therefore they are not entitled to be on Brazilian soil or participate in the meeting.
The statement accused the four Argentine players of fraud after signing a declaration confirming that they had not been in those countries during the last 14 days, which is not true.
On the other hand, the Argentine Federation issued an official statement in which it expressed its dissatisfaction with the decision to suspend the match, indicating that it was surprised by the decision of the Brazilian Ministry of Health after the start of the match.

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