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Mikati conveys to Qardahi a French request

Kuwaiti media revealed that “Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati is intensifying communication with Minister of Information George Kordahi and the political forces opposing his resignation.”
According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Mikati conveyed to Qardahi and the political forces a French desire for Qardahi’s resignation, to be a card in Macron’s hand in his dialogue with the Saudis on the Lebanese file.

The newspaper also said that “a meeting will take place within the team, to which Qardahi belongs, to discuss persuading the latter to resign, prior to French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Riyadh, provided that the resignation is taken out in a way that saves face, so that Qardahi’s resignation is a card in Macron’s hand in his dialogue with the Saudis on the file.” Lebanese”.

The diplomatic crisis erupted between Lebanon and the Gulf states after the publication of a televised interview that was recorded with George Kordahi before assuming his duties as Minister of Information in Lebanon, in which he considered that the Yemeni Ansar Allah group was “defending itself in the face of external aggression against Yemen for years,” which exacerbated the crisis. More, Kordahi refused to apologize.

After that, Saudi Arabia announced summoning its ambassador to Beirut, and giving the Lebanese ambassador in the Kingdom 48 hours to leave the country, and Kuwait, the UAE and Bahrain joined them in this decision, and the Kingdom also announced the suspension of the entry of Lebanese imports into its lands.

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