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Mikati launches his suspended government

Today, Tuesday, a Lebanese newspaper reported that the Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, is following quiet consultations towards re-launching his government soon.
Private sources told the Lebanese newspaper, “Prime Minister Najib Mikati is following quiet consultations in the direction that will re-launch his government as soon as possible.” And he did not leave optimism about the possibility that his efforts would succeed in breaking the wall of obstruction, opening the government’s horizon, and restoring the effectiveness and productivity of the Council of Ministers.
The sources pointed out that “the continuation of some parties to play on the possibility that Mikati might resign is a deliberate confusion aimed at sabotage, especially since the prime minister did not mention this matter from near or far, and then it is not originally in this matter.” Absolutely, and especially I am certain that it is still possible to take rescue steps.”
The same sources said that “presidential consultations will start after President Michel Aoun returns from Doha, to complete what was agreed upon at the meeting of the three presidents at the Republican Palace in Baabda on Independence Day.”

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