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Military coup in Guinea and news of the arrest of the president

Media revealed that the security disturbances in the Guinean capital, Konare, on Sunday, come against the backdrop of a military coup, with reports of the arrest of President Alpha Condé.
“Reliable sources” said that the coup soldiers had arrested 83-year-old President Conde and a number of other senior officials in the country.
Activists on social media circulated footage showing Conde surrounded by a group of military personnel.

And that the coup was led by elements of the elite unit for special tasks in the army, which was established in 2018, noting that the area where the presidential palace is located has been subjected to intense bombardment since this morning.
Press reports also indicated that the leader of the putschists is Mamadi Domboi, a former member of the French Foreign Legion.
And the media reported that Umm Domboi announced a short while ago the dissolution of the government, the suspension of the constitution and the closure of the country’s borders.
The Russian “Novosti” news agency quoted a local source as saying that the authorities arrested 25 soldiers involved in the coup attempt.
This comes against the background of reports that gunfire was heard in separate parts of the Guinean capital and its suburbs since this morning.

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