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Miss Britain relinquishes the crown

Miss Britain Lynn Clive accused the US government of discrimination against her; Because she was born in Syria, despite being a British citizen.
And she said an interview, which Clive published through her account on the social networking site, Instagram, and confirmed that the US government prevented her from entering its territory despite obtaining a visa on the pretext that she is of Syrian origin.

She also said: “I applied with a British passport, I represent Great Britain and I am a British citizen, so I had no idea I would be banned from the United States.”

She also explained that her husband and daughter had obtained their visas, adding, “But my visa was refused, and the only difference is where I was born.”

Clive said she was born in Damascus but moved to the United Kingdom in 2013, where she learned to speak English and is currently training to become a doctor at NHA, before participating in the 35th annual MRS World competition. Campaigning for women and refugee rights.
“Hopefully my visa status will be settled in time to join my sisters the queens in Las Vegas,” Clive wrote after posting the interview video on Instagram.
She also said: “I am honored to be the Lady of the World in the UK, and I wish I could fly the UK flag on the international stage.”
It is noteworthy that the immigration rules on the US government website currently state that citizens of countries that use “state terrorism” must be interviewed by a US consular official, and according to the lists of those countries, Syria is among the countries included in the list of countries that “supported state terrorism.” Frequently acts of international terrorism” according to what is published in US documents

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