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Missile attack on an American base

A series of violent explosions rocked one of the illegal US bases near the Syrian-Iraqi border, in the far north-east of Syria, as a result of a missile attack.
Local sources in the countryside of al-Hasakah, Syria, told the agency, “Powerful explosions rocked the illegal American base in the village of Kharab al-Jir, which is 5 km from the border town of al-Yarubiyah with Iraq, at dawn today, Tuesday, November 23, after the fall of 4 rockets, the source of which is still unknown. “.
The sources described the explosions as powerful, and their echoes were heard throughout the northeastern border region between Syria and Iraq.
Immediately after the targeting of the American base, and a very short time after the attack, the sky of the region witnessed a heavy flight of helicopters and warplanes of the American occupation forces, according to the sources.
The sources added: “Khrab al-Jir base is considered the second illegal base of the American occupation in Syria. It was established in 2015 after the confiscation of large agricultural areas for farmers and farmers in the village. It is an air base that includes a runway for the landing of helicopters and warplanes.”
The Khirbat al-Jir base area is a vital point of contact between the Syrian and Iraqi territories.
The officers and soldiers of the American base are also active in organizing the trade in Syrian oil stolen from the wells occupied by the army of their country, given that the base in which they work is responsible for organizing the operations of removing stolen crude oil tanks and trucks of wheat from Syrian territory, in addition to its logistical role in the entry and exit of convoys The US military, and the other affiliated with the alleged “international coalition” forces.

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