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Moatasem Al-Nahar: My wife is jealous, but she trusts me, and there is no disagreement with Qusai and Nadine

The Syrian star, Moatasem Al-Nahar, revealed
Followers sometimes focus on things that the artist does not focus on and does not pay attention to in the first place.
Moatasem’s words came in response to the criticism leveled at him and Houria after the video he collected with the artist Houria Farghali during the scenes of the “Murex D’or”, where Houria told him: “He spoke to me… he reversed me.”
Speaking about his wife’s jealousy over him, Mutasim said: “Surely, my sweetheart is jealous of the fans’ love, but she is not jealous of her lack of confidence in me, and I tell her I love her very much.”
Mutasim confirmed that he is not bothered by the pursuit of his fans through social networking sites and added: “This matter makes me happy and I feel the audience’s love and eagerness to follow me, but sometimes the subtle details that are hidden from the artist himself do not feel that they have a reason or to be scooped.”
And about his absence with Qusai Khouli and Nadine Njeim
To honor producer Sadiq Al-Sabah during the “Murex D’or” party, Mutasem said: “Qusai, Nadine and I are very friends and have great love in my heart. We used to sit at one table at the ceremony, and in any case, if we were friends, it is certainly not necessary to publish pictures of us through social media constantly.”
About what initially bothered him in the series “Zahra Salon”, Mutasim said: “In the beginning, I was annoyed with the clothes, but when we experimented, we went to the extreme, focusing on all the details, including the socks.”
Mutasim confirmed that the invitations he sent to his colleague Ali Sukkar, who plays the character “Samir”, were real and he heard them from an ancient Damascene person who met him by chance and saved them from him before the series, and that when filming it was time to use it.
It is noteworthy that the series “Zahra Salon” is currently being shown and achieves high follow-up rates and great success, and brings together the two stars, Moatasem Al-Nahar and Nadine Njeim.

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