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Mohamed Heneidy longs for his fans

The artist, Mohamed Heneidy, shared with his fans his new movie, “Al-Marai Al-Primo”, in which he returns to the Saidi works once again, and in which he meets the artist, Ghada Adel, for the second time, 22 years after their first meeting in the movie “Saidi at the American University.”

Heneidy published his first photo from the scenes of the film, and he appeared in the photo while he was sitting in one of the boats on the sea and wearing a wicker hat, a light white shirt open from the chest, and a heavy mustache, and commented on the photo sarcastically: “Oh, amber evening.. Juan Miguel Heneidy, Al-Marai Al-Primo, Do you know why you don’t know me… because of the mustache and eating half and something?”

Where it is mentioned that he recently showed Mohamed Heneidy in theaters the movie “Nabil El Gemayel, a Beautician”, and co-starring: Mohamed Salam, Nour, Mohamed Tharwat, Mahmoud Hafez, Mahmoud Fares.

The events of the film also take place in a comic framework, and Heneidy embodies the personality of a plastic doctor named Nabil, and many comic paradoxes occur between him and the Lebanese Nour. The film was written by Amin Jamal and Muhammad Mahrez, and directed by Khaled Marei.

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