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Mona Zaki’s comment after being bullied

Mona Zaki published a picture of the tweet on her Instagram account, and put icons of support, thanks and appreciation. Speech, my lust for the remote and the iron board, peace be upon you where you were, you who rarely existed.

During the past hours, Mona Zaki enjoyed the support of a large number of art stars, including the star Mai Kassab, who sent a message through a tweet that she shared on Twitter, in which she said: “I love Mona Zaki very humanly and artistically for me as a solo acting school, one learns from her all the time. She is working for a great need, as Mona Zaki brought us back, a great history, all of which are successes.

The star, Elham Shaheen, also sent a message of support to Mona Zaki via an audio message via a satellite program, saying: “I am telling Mona not to pay attention to the attack, never, and my words stem from a previous experience that she was exposed to last year, and it is similar to what you are currently exposed to.”

She also continued: “From the beginning of the publication of the poster for the series “The Rise of the Spirit,” a severe attack began against me because I wore the ISIS dress, and in fact .. this attack was the biggest propaganda for the series, since the first episode in which the series was shown in the middle of Ramadan, and the series occupies the first number in the lists Watching, and number one remained on the Shahid platform in the list of the 10 most watched works, from the beginning of its show until the end of Ramadan, and this is due to the great publicity that the attackers made .. Thank them.

And she added: “Believe me, do not worry, and this is evidence that you have a great impact, and they are afraid of the power and influence of art, and we have an influence and they are afraid of us, and they work for art a thousand accounts.”

This and concluded her message by saying: “You walk your way and do your beautiful and influential roles, and this is evidence of success. I wish you all the best and we eagerly await your series, and I expect it to be the most watched in Ramadan.”

While the artist, Nashwa Mostafa, was keen to support the artist, Mona Zaki, after the attack she was subjected to, through her personal account on the Facebook site, saying: “An important, great and waiting Egyptian actress.

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