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Monroe’s fashion is back (photos)

The lenses that follow fashion in the world have spotted fashion that goes back to the era of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, and the fashion that the world saw on her body for the first time.
And the world noticed the return of the burlap sack that Marilyn Monroe wore, the red sweater that she adopted in a famous look from her teenage years, and clothes decorated with trims and others.
Clothing made of burlap made a noticeable presence in various fashion collections this year, including the Moschino collection.

Monroe’s fashion is back (photos), Arabic newspaper -Profile News
The red sweater topped the fashion trend this year, specifically in the winter collections, as fashion designers presented it with different cuts, and from a variety of materials that give you warm looks.
Clothes decorated with horizontal stripes are back after an absence, and were spotted in the 2022 couture collections, where she decorated the most beautiful designs of dresses and jackets.

Monroe’s fashion is back (photos), Arabic newspaper -Profile News
The dress, distinguished by the opening between the chest and the abdomen, returned again after an absence of years in the year 2021, and it made its way to accompany women’s looks in the year 2022 after achieving great popularity.

Monroe’s fashion is back (photos), Arabic newspaper -Profile News

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